The Human Brain Coloring Book

The Human Brain Coloring Book

The Human Brain Coloring Book

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Marian C. Diamond, Ph. D. & Arnold B. Scheibel, Ph.D., internationally recognized neuroscientists and professors
Lawrence M. Elson, Ph.D. , Clinical Anatomist

The Human Brain Coloring Book consists of colorable drawings and related terms applicable to the brain, the spinal cord, visceral nervous system, and peripheral nervous system including nerves to the upper & lower limbs.

Students will learn:

  • The organization, structure and functions of the brain
  • The organization of the spinal cord
  • The arrangement and function of cranial and spinal nerves.
  • The organization of the visceral/autonomic nervous system

Appropriate for:

  • High school and college students
  • Motivated learners interested in a comprehensive introduction to the brain, spinal cord, cranial & spinal nerves and autonomic nervous system structure and function
  • Students of biology, psychology, medicine, dentistry, occupational therapy, and nursing

Note: This book was developed for both beginning and advanced students interested in learning about the human brain.