Authors & Illustrators

Authors and Illustrators

Anatomy Coloring Book 4th Edition

Lawrence M. Elson, Ph.D. received his BA in Zoology/pre med curriculum at the University of California at Berkeley and continued there to receive his Ph.D. in human anatomy.  Dr. Elson was an assistant professor of anatomy at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston (1968-72).   He lectured and taught dissection at the University of California School Of Medicine in San Francisco, and taught general anatomy and zoology courses at City College of San Francisco. He has authored several books including It’s Your Body, The Anatomy Coloring Book, the Zoology Coloring Book, and co-authored The Human Brain Coloring book and the Microbiology Coloring Book. He gave courses in clinical anatomy and related subjects to attorneys for the Medi-Legal Institute of Southern California (1973-93), giving lectures, as well as consultations and expert testimony throughout the United States and Canada from 1973-2014. Dr. Elson was a career Naval Aviator with the U.S. Navy on active duty 1955-60, and with the Naval Air Reserve at the Naval Air Station Alameda from 1961 to 1976, reaching the rank of Commander. His last position was Commanding Officer, Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Eighty-Five.

Wynn Kapit artist and illustrator, with an M.A. degree in art and graphic design, had earlier graduated from law school (B.B.A. and LL.B.), and practiced law briefly. Mr. Kapit met Dr. Elson at San Francisco City College in an anatomy class. It was there that he and Dr. Elson got together in 1976 to create The Anatomy Coloring Book.  Both went on to produce other coloring books in the same style and format as The Anatomy Coloring Book.

Biology Coloring Book

Robert D. Griffin, M.A. taught biology for over 30 years and served on the faculty of City College of San Francisco, where he taught biology courses. Previously he had extensive experience teaching in junior and senior high schools and in special science programs for gifted elementary school students. Mr. Griffin was a well-liked, gifted, and dedicated teacher.

Cinthea Vadala, Illustrator, received her BA degree in Art from Hunter College in New York.

Biology Illustrated Coloring and Resource Book

This book consists of thirty (30) pages of colorable illustrations and colorable related terms for the structures shown. These illustrations and terms are taken from the Biology, Botany, and Zoology Coloring Books of the Coloring Concepts Series, and are offered as a short, general introduction to popular illustrations from the Series.

Botany Coloring Book

Paul G. Young, a biologist and botanist, has been a lecturer at the City College of San Francisco and botanist for the William Joseph McInnes Memorial Botanical Garden at Mills College, Oakland, California. His deep interest in botany is well reflected in his fine Botany Coloring Book.

Jacquelyn Giuffre’ started her artistic career as an illustrator of textbooks and now is a freelance designer and sculptor. Her work can be found at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens in the self guided Tree Finder as well as at the Tournament of Roses Parade. She contributed to the 1993 grand prize-winning float for Transamerica Corporation. She is a regular manager and designer for the San Francisco County Fair Flower Show. Her massive bas-relief of the State of California seal is mounted on top of the California Public Utilities Commission building in San Francisco’s Civic Center, and her co-designed carved model of wheat and grapes in the city of San Jose’s logo is suspended above the entrance to the San Jose Arena. She was hired by Disney’s Epcot Center to mold famous cartoon characters out of foam, overlaid with gold leaf, for its casting center. Ms. Guiffré’s studio is a converted barn on a former dairy ranch in Petaluma.

Human Brain Coloring Book

Marian Cleeves Diamond, Ph.D., is Professor of Anatomy at the University of California at Berkeley, now retired. She taught general human anatomy and neuroanatomy and has conducted numerous lines of research into the effect of the environment and hormones on the forebrain. Dr. Diamond is perhaps best known for her investigations into structural changes in the cerebral cortex induced by an enriched environment and structural lateralization of the cortex as influenced by sex steroid hormones.

Arnold B. Scheibel, MD, is Professor of Anatomy and Psychiatry, now retired, at the University of California Medical School at Los Angeles and a member of the Brain Research Institute. Dr. Scheibel taught courses in neurosciences and psychiatry. He has published numerous articles on his investigations into the parts of the brain involved in consciousness and higher mental function.

Lawrence M. Elson Ph.D., Author (See: Anatomy Coloring Book)

Janice Aspelin Schwegler, who finished the illustrations in the first four units, is a certified medical illustrator in Long Beach, California. She received her education and certification as a medical illustrator from the Medical College of Georgia. She has contributed many anatomic illustrations to medical textbooks and other publications. Ms. Schwegler worked as a show designer on Ride Through the Human Body with Frank Armitage at Walt Disney Imagineering. She has been featured in many art shows and illustrated many books.

Cinthea Vadala, who finished the illustrations in Units Five through Nine, is a scientific illustrator in the San Francisco area. She received her training in art at Hunter College in New York.

Human Evolution Coloring Book 2nd Edition

Adrienne Zihlman, Ph.D., is Professor of Anthropology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She has published numerous scientific and popular articles and is an editor of The Evolving Female: A Life History Perspective. Her proposal that pygmy chimpanzees are the best living prototypes of humans and African apes is based, in part, on her many years of dissecting a variety of apes and determining the comparative physical ability of these apes in comparison to humans. Dr. Zihlman was recently featured in the science section of Time magazine, and on the cover of Discover in an issue featuring women scientists. Her research on apes and early hominids has taken her to central, eastern, and southern Africa. Dr. Zihlman is a Science Trustee of the California Academy of Sciences.

Carla Simmons, illustrator was the illustrator of this book.

Marine Biology Coloring Book

Tom Niesen received his Ph.D. in biology from the University of Oregon in 1973, specializing in the ecology of marine invertebrates.  He has taught at San Francisco State University since 1973, where he is currently Professor of Marine Biology.  In addition to a career-long fascination with the ecology of the rocky intertidal zone, Dr. Niesen’s research emphasis has been on the ecology of introduced marine invertebrate in San Francisco Bay.  He has also conducted research in the Caribbean and Bering seas.  His hobbies are surfing, diving, swimming, photography and gardening.

Wynn Kapit, Illustrator (See: Anatomy Coloring Book)

Carla J. Simmons, Illustrator

Lauren Hanson, Illustrator

Microbiology Coloring Book

Edward Alcamo, Ph.D., is one of the two authors of the Microbiology Coloring Book. He has been the Professor of Microbiology at State University of New York at Farmingdale, he taught medical microbiology to medical, premedical and allied health science students. Dr. Alcamo is the author of Fundamental of Microbiology, Aids: The Biological Basis, DNA Technology – The Awesome Skill, Blond’s Medical Guide to Microbiology, and Cliff’s Reviews of Biology.

Lawrence M. Elson Ph.D., Author (See: Anatomy Coloring Book)

Charles W. Hoffman III, illustrator, holds a baccalaureate degree in microbiology, and is a graduate of the medical illustration curriculum at the University of California at San Francisco.  Mr. Hoffman undertook considerable research into developing accurate renditions of the many, some unusual, microorganisms presented in the book.

Zoology Coloring Book

Lawrence M. Elson Ph.D., Author (See: Anatomy Coloring Book)

Cinthea Vadala, Illustrator (See: Human Brain Coloring Book)