The Human Evolution Coloring Book 2nd Edition

amazon-logo-vectorThe Human Evolution Coloring Book
(2nd Edition)


The Human Evolution Coloring Book, 2nd edition, begins by laying a foundation of comparative observations in nature worldwide that support the concept that life evolved as it has, from the simple to the complex. Coloring these illustrations and terms will bring you into closer contact than reading alone with the exciting phenomena of “becoming”: evolution, and especially, human evolution.  Stay the course, and the knowledge will be yours.

Students will learn:
• The molecular basis of life and the evidence for evolution
• The diversity of primates as seen in their adaptations
• Human evolution and adaptations
• Mitosis and meiosis, genetics, genetic drift
• Natural selection
• DNA replication, transcription, translation, and mitochondrial DNA

Appropriate for:
• High school, college, and graduate students in biology
• Individuals intent on fully understanding human evolution

Author and Illustrators:
Adrienne Zihlman, Ph.D., anthropologist/comparative anatomist
Cinthea Vadala, illustrator
Jacquelyn Giuffre’, natural science illustrator