Microbiology Coloring Book

Microbiology Coloring Book

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The Microbiology Coloring Book consists of colorable drawings and terms related to laboratory, medical, and industrial microbiology, identification and cultivation of microorganisms, bacterial protein synthesis, nonspecific & immune resistance, testing, viral , bacterial , protozoan, fungal, and helminthic diseases.

Students will learn:
• About bacteria, viruses, fungi & parasites
• How to use a microscope
• History of disease, toxins, testing, antibiotics  and immunology
• Diseases caused by microorganisms

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Appropriate for:
• High school, college and postgraduate students in microbiology, virology and immunology
• Motivated learners interested in medical microbiology
• Students of biology, medicine, dentistry, nutrition, nursing and Food Science

Authors and Illustrator:
Edward Alcamo, Ph.D., professor of microbiology
Lawrence M. Elson, Ph.D., Clinical Anatomist
Charles W. Hoffman III, medical illustrator