Coloring Concepts - Andrea Good

Andrea Good

Art Director

Andrea Good has a lifelong and ongoing obsession with drawing, combined with some serious wanderlust, led Andrea to art school and an illustration degree in England. She landed her first job at one of top design agencies in the UK specializing in children’s packaging and design for Hasbro, Disney and the World Wildlife Fund. She also worked with Penguin Books and HarperCollins as a freelance illustrator and author. Moving back stateside shifted her clients to include Airstream, Old Navy, Amy’s Kitchen, Deckers Shoes and Juniper Ridge. Andrea is a dedicated graphic artist with over 20 years of experience in publication design, illustration, logo and branding development, typography and creative copywriting. Her current work with Coloring Concepts ensures all of these skills are continuously utilized. If she isn’t traveling the world, she is happiest when lost in a drawing, at the heart of creating and telling a visual story.

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