Andrea Good

Andrea Good has a lifelong and ongoing obsession with drawing, combined with some serious wanderlust, led Andrea to art school and an illustration degree in England. She landed her first job at one of top design agencies in the UK specializing in children’s packaging and design for Hasbro, Disney and the World Wildlife Fund. She …

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Jacquelyn Giuffré

Jacquelyn Giuffré started her artistic career as an illustrator of textbooks and now is a freelance designer and sculptor. Her work can be found at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens in the self guided Tree Finder as well as at the Tournament of Roses Parade. She contributed to the 1993 grand prize-winning float for …

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Charles W. Hoffman III, B.A.

Charles W. Hoffman III, illustrator, holds a baccalaureate degree in microbiology, and is a graduate of the medical illustration curriculum at the University of California at San Francisco.  Mr. Hoffman undertook considerable research into developing accurate renditions of the many, some unusual, microorganisms presented in the book.

Wynn Kapit

Wynn Kapit artist and illustrator, with an M.A. degree in art and graphic design, had earlier graduated from law school (B.B.A. and LL.B.), and practiced law briefly. Mr. Kapit met Dr. Elson at San Francisco City College in an anatomy class. It was there that he and Dr. Elson got together in 1976 to create …

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Coloring Concepts - Annie Kendall

Annie Kendall

Annie has had a passion for art ever since she could pick up a pencil. This led her to try many mediums, from playing music to sculpture. Eventually she landed on her love of illustration and studied graphic design. She is now the co-owner of a women owned and operated screen printing and clothing company, …

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Coloring Concepts - Dana Longuevan

Dana Longuevan

Art and design has been a constant throughout Dana’s journey. Having experienced city life all over the U.S. she has settled in the peaceful wilderness of the Mojave desert. Drawing from the environment, her artistic palette encompasses everything from printmaking, painting, and creating bath and body products as well as illustrating for Coloring Concepts. When she’s …

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Sophia Rangel

Currently a film special effects undergrad, Sophia has had a long standing passion for all sorts of digital arts and has learned to use a variety of programs to create illustrations, 3D models and environments, and both 2D and 3D animations. She is an avid technology lover and enjoys expressing her creativity through the screen …

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Janice Aspelin Schwegler

Janice Aspelin Schwegler, who finished the illustrations in the first four units, is a certified medical illustrator in Long Beach, California. She received her education and certification as a medical illustrator from the Medical College of Georgia. She has contributed many anatomic illustrations to medical textbooks and other publications. Ms. Schwegler worked as a show …

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