Coloring Concepts Larry Elson President

Lawrence M. Elson, Ph.D.


Dr. Elson is President and founding partner of Coloring Concepts, Inc.  Having received his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley in Human Anatomy in 1968, he wrote his first textbook on anatomy in 1975.  This book, it’s your body, was used by medical and college students, who required the study of human anatomy in their curricula. it’s your body was published by McGraw-Hill in New York.

In his younger days, Dr. Elson trained to become a naval aviator and went on to fly dive-bombers off aircraft carriers in the Western Pacific. While attending college and graduate school, he remained in the Naval Air Reserve and flew antisubmarine patrol planes and helicopters.  His last position in his 20-year Navy career was as commanding officer of a reserve antisubmarine helicopter squadron. He has great memories and many friendships from his Navy days.

With his love of science and especially the intricacies of the human body, Dr. Elson became an expert witness in cases involving low velocity injuries and injuries analyses, and for the next four decades not only testified in hundreds of cases, but gave medical-legal seminars across the US and Canada, educating attorneys on the medical implications of injuries to the human body.

In 1981 after the publication of the Anatomy Coloring Book, he formed Coloring Concepts, Inc. to produce additional titles under the CCI umbrella. Dr. Elson has been and is the visionary behind the coloring methodologies used in all the CCI books.  To date, over six million CCI coloring books have been sold domestically and even more internationally.  Many of the books are in multiple languages.

Kinesthetic learning has been around for almost 100 years, but it was not until CCI began developing science-based coloring books was it employed in high schools, and classroom of higher education.

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