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With Colors!

Kinesthetic learning has been around for almost 100 years, but it was not until Coloring Concepts, Inc. (CCI) began developing science-based coloring books was it employed in high schools, and classrooms of higher education.

Hear what other inquisitive learners have to say!

This book was amazing for helping me actually learn the structures for Anatomy and Physiology I. I recommend using this book while you are learning the structures in lab. It helps it stick in your brain, and it makes learning fun. I even found myself during the lab exam remembering the colors I used for that particular structure. One thing I also like is they give you a little study outline for the page you are about to color, detailing what they do. It was the best money I could have spent to help me pass lab this Summer!

This is an excellent aid for visual learners. With high school biology, it is helpful to have layers of learning options to help unfamiliar terms and concepts lock in. I use relevant pages to help students focus and retain information. The class enjoys it.

This is a great coloring book! I was required to buy it for my botany class, but after using it, I would not hesitate to buy a similar one just for myself. The pages are extremely detailed and the book (when paired with other learning materials) follows a clear and logical progression of ideas that build upon themselves. Coloring the pages can take a bit of time, but as long as you like coloring, you'll be completely fine.

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