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Coloring Concepts - Edward Alcamo, Ph.D.

Edward Alcamo, Ph.D.

Edward Alcamo, Ph.D., was one of the two authors of the Microbiology Coloring Book. He was a Professor of Microbiology ...
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Gabriella Davids, Art History Author, Coloring Concepts

Gabriella Davids

Gabriella Davids studied Art History and English at Florida State University and has been teaching AP Art History and AP ...
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Coloring Concepts - Marian Cleeves Diamond, Ph.D.

Marian Cleeves Diamond, Ph.D.

Marian Diamond (née Cleeves; November 11, 1926 – July 25, 2017) was a pioneering scientist and educator who is considered ...
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Coloring Concepts - Ellyn Elson

Ellyn Elson, RD

Ellyn Elson, RD, is an author and a nationally recognized public speaker in the area of employee motivation, leadership, communication ...
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Coloring Concepts - Lawrence M. Elson, Ph.D.

Lawrence M. Elson, Ph.D.

Lawrence M. Elson, Ph.D. received his BA in Zoology/pre-med curriculum at the University of California at Berkeley and continued there ...
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Coloring Concepts - Robert D. Griffin, M.A.

Robert D. Griffin, M.A.

Robert D. Griffin, M.A. taught biology for over 30 years and served on the faculty of City College of San ...
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James McCabe, Author, Coloring Concepts Reptile Coloring Book

James G. McCabe, BA

James G. McCabe, BA, is one of the coauthors and illustrators of the Reptiles Coloring Book. James has been involved ...
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Thomas McCabe, author, Coloring Concepts Reptiles Coloring Book

Thomas M. McCabe, Ph.D.

Thomas McCabe is one of the coauthors of the Reptiles Coloring Book. He is an Assistant Professor in Biological Sciences ...
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Coloring Concepts - Tom Neisen

Tom Niesen, Ph.D.

Tom Niesen received his Ph.D. in biology from the University of Oregon in 1973, specializing in the ecology of marine ...
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Coloring Concepts - Arnold B. Scheibel, MD

Arnold B. Scheibel, MD

Arnold B. Scheibel, MD, (January 18, 1923 - April 3, 2017) was a Professor of Anatomy and Psychiatry at the ...
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Coloring Concepts - Paul G. Young

Paul G. Young

Paul G. Young, a biologist and botanist, has been a lecturer at the City College of San Francisco and botanist ...
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Coloring Concepts - Adrienne Zihlman, Ph.D.

Adrienne Zihlman, Ph.D.

Adrienne Zihlman, Ph.D., Emerita Professor of Anthropology, University of California, Santa Cruz leads the field of anthropology through her perspective-shifting ...
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Coloring Concepts - Allison Anderson

Allison Anderson

Allie’s anthropology and sociology degrees have been utilized to acquire lifelong learning skills; language, culture, critical thinking, human behavior, and ...
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Coloring Concepts - Jessica Fraser

Jessica Fraser

Jessica’s background in painting and printmaking has led her down a creative career path involving portrait painting, photography, photographic editing ...
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Coloring Concept Illustrator Andrea Good

Andrea Good

Andrea Good has a lifelong and ongoing obsession with drawing, combined with some serious wanderlust, led Andrea to art school ...
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Jacquelyn Giuffré

Jacquelyn Giuffré started her artistic career as an illustrator of textbooks and now is a freelance designer and sculptor. Her ...
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Lauren Hanson

Lauren Hanson, Illustrator ...
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Charles W. Hoffman III, B.A.

Charles W. Hoffman III, illustrator, holds a baccalaureate degree in microbiology, and is a graduate of the medical illustration curriculum ...
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Wynn Kapit

Wynn Kapit artist and illustrator, with an M.A. degree in art and graphic design, had earlier graduated from law school ...
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Coloring Concepts - Annie Kendall

Annie Kendall

Annie has had a passion for art ever since she could pick up a pencil. This led her to try ...
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Coloring Concepts - Dana Longuevan

Dana Longuevan

Art and design has been a constant throughout Dana's journey. Having experienced city life all over the U.S. she has ...
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Sophia Rangel

Currently a film special effects undergrad, Sophia has had a long standing passion for all sorts of digital arts and ...
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Janice Aspelin Schwegler

Janice Aspelin Schwegler, who finished the illustrations in the first four units, is a certified medical illustrator in Long Beach, ...
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Carla J. Simmons

Carla J. Simmons, Illustrator ...
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Cinthea Vadala, B.A.

Cinthea Vadala, Illustrator, received her BA degree in Art from Hunter College in New York ...
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