Coloring Concepts - Adrienne Zihlman, Ph.D.

Adrienne Zihlman, Ph.D.

Adrienne Zihlman, Ph.D., Emerita Professor of Anthropology, University of California, Santa Cruz leads the field of anthropology through her perspective-shifting publications on the role of women in evolution and on the place of pygmy chimpanzees (Pan paniscus) as the best living model for our early ancestors. Through decades of primate anatomical research and study of early human fossils, she has clarified issues of sexual dimorphism, human locomotor evolution, ape growth and development, and adaptations of primate anatomy for understanding human origins. These ideas appear in such scientific journals as Nature and PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences),and Journal of Zoology. She co-edited The Evolving Female: A Life History Perspective, and with Carol Underwood, authored Ape Anatomy and Evolution. Dr. Zihlman has been featured in the science section of Time magazine, and appeared on the cover of Discover in an issue featuring women scientists. She is a Science Trustee Emerita of the California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco.

In undertaking the revision of the Human Evolution Coloring Book, Dr. Zihlman worked with illustrator Carla Simmons.

The experience of translating information into art, that began with the early invitation of Larry Elson to write for Coloring Concepts, inspired the years-long project of collaborating with artist/anatomist Carol Underwood on Ape Anatomy and Evolution(2019). Information on this book, along with PDFs of research publications, can be found at the website

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