Zoology Coloring Book

The Zoology Coloring Book offers one an opportunity to color the detailed anatomy of a variety of organisms across the animal phyla from a single cell protozoan to a fetal pig, as well as the stages of animal development and cell division

Students will learn:

  • To use a microscope; to study microorganisms and microstructure of larger animals
  • Stages of the metamorphosis of a moth
  • Detailed dissections of frog and fetal pig

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Coloring Concepts drawing ZoologyAppropriate for:

  • Persons with avocational interests in the structure and function of a spectrum of members of the animal kingdom
  • High school and college level students taking a course in general zoology

Author and Designer/Illustrator:
Lawrence M. Elson, Ph.D., Author
Cinthea Vadala, Illustrator
Jacquelyn Giuffre’, Illustrator