The Marine Biology Coloring Book

The Marine Biology Coloring Book

img032-edit - CopyThe Marine Biology Coloring Book takes student into the fascinating world of the oceans and the life within them.

Students will learn:
• About marine environments and their inhabitants, e.g., seaweeds, mollusks, crustaceans, bony fish, sharks and rays, reptiles, birds, and marine mammals.

Appropriate for:
• High school and college students
• Motivated learners interested in a comprehensive introduction to marine biology.

Note:  This book is a great resource for serious students of marine biology as well as hobbyists with a fascination with sea creatures and their environments.

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Author and Illustrators:

Thomas M. Niesen, Ph.D., a professor of biology
Illustrators Carla J. Simmons, Lauren Hanson and Wynn Kapit