Coloring Concepts - Ellyn Elson RD

Ellyn Elson, R.D.


Ellyn Elson, R.D., is a veteran of start-ups, and is a leadership and management consultant and past CEO of six companies over 50 years.    Ms. Elson is committed to assisting others so that they may live and work in highly efficient environments and enjoy the benefits of sustainable lifestyles that provide the highest degree of good health and personal satisfaction. 

Coloring Concepts, her latest venture, develops science-based coloring books for the education market.  After selling Computrition, a foodservice computer software enterprise in 2007, she embarked on a new journey that involved building and remodeling the first LEED Platinum Certified home in Napa County.  Over the past twelve years Ms. Elson has focused on the education market and developing a variety of products that involves the kinesthetic learning process.

Her latest project was researching and developing the Aquatic Birds Coloring Book with her husband Larry Elson.  This joint project took over five years of research and exploration.  Both having a love and fascination with birds, especially aquatic birds, led to their desire to write a book for birders and lifelong learners that would be interesting and more in-depth than just knowing a bird from its looks and sounds.

Ellyn resides in Napa and shares her time with her husband Larry, six children and nine grandchildren when she is not consulting or volunteering for community organizations.

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